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Empowering O&M operations with Reliable Solar Inverter Repair Services to Maximise Efficiency and ROI on solar installations in Commercial and Domestic Solar Installations across the UK, France, and Germany.

Facing Inverter Failures? We Understand the Urgency

Are solar Inverter Failures Impacting Your Business?  Commercial solar operations and maintenance (O&M) companies face a critical challenge with solar inverter failures. Such disruptions can lead to downtime, reduced energy production, and financial losses.


Ensuring a reliable solar inverter repair and maintenance partner is essential to keep your solar energy systems running efficiently. Our expert team specialises in solar inverter troubleshooting, diagnostics, and servicing to minimise downtime and maximise performance. Trust us for professional and affordable solar inverter repair solutions that keep your commercial solar systems operational and efficient.

Solar inverter repair required due to fault showing up on display.

The Consequences of Delayed Solar Inverter Repair:

Lost Revenue: Every minute your solar inverters are down translates to lost revenue. ENS understands the urgency of Emergency Solar Inverter Repair Services.

Customer Dissatisfaction: Unhappy clients due to system downtime can harm your reputation and future business prospects.

Operational Inefficiencies: In addition, inefficient solar inverters affect overall system performance and increase operational costs.

Our Proven Solution: Unveiling the Best Solar Inverter Repair Services Near You.

ENS specialises in component-level solar inverter repair, ensuring precise and cost-effective repairs rather than costly replacements. We support all major manufacturers and models, including 3-phase and domestic solar string inverters. Our approach is comprehensive.

•European Coverage: Access our Solar Inverter Repair Services UK across Europe, wherever your operations are located.

•Fast Turnaround: Our skilled technicians work diligently to reduce downtime and enhance system reliability.

• Warranty Assurance: We back our repairs with a Guaranteed Inverter Repair UK for your peace of mind.

Before ENS Repair After ENS Repair

Some of our accreditations include:


Solar inverter repair to component level by ENS.

Component-Level Solar Inverter Repair

With 30+ years of experience in the solar inverter industry, specialising in Component-Level Solar Inverter Repair, ENS are a more than qualified partner to choose.


Unlike other services that may simply replace entire units/boards, we identify and replace the faulty components. This approach not only saves costs but also enhances the lifespan and efficiency of your inverter, making our repairs both affordable and sustainable.


Trust ENS for professional and affordable solar inverter repair solutions, including solar inverter troubleshooting, diagnostics, and servicing. Our expertise ensures a reliable and efficient solar inverter fix, keeping your solar energy systems running smoothly.

Solar inverter repair facilities at ENS.

Leading Brands Supported

We support a wide range of inverter brands and models, ensuring that regardless of your system, we have the expertise to handle it. Our services cover major manufacturers like:

Customer service representative.

Efficient Customer Service

To ensure that your experience is hassle-free, we offer a callback request service, making it easy for you to reach us. Prompt responses and efficient problem-solving are cornerstones of our customer service strategy, helping to minimise downtime and ensure that your system returns to optimal performance as quickly as possible.


Consequently, by focusing on these areas, ENS do not only provide specialised solar inverter repair but also build lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring they choose us for all their inverter maintenance needs.

Maximise Your Solar Investment

Discover Top Benefits of Our Component-Level Solar Inverter Repair:

Extended Inverter Lifespan

Specialising in component-level repairs, European Network Services ensures that each solar inverter receives precise and focused attention to prolong its operational life. Consequently, this targeted repair approach prevents the need for full replacements, reducing long-term maintenance costs and maximising ROI for O&M managers.

Rapid Turnaround Times

Minimising downtime is crucial in the solar industry. At European Network Services, we recognise this importance. Our expert technicians across the UK, France, and Germany strive to deliver a swift repair service with turnaround times of 10-15 days, dependent on the availability of necessary parts.

Moreover, this commitment ensures that your solar inverters are restored to optimal operation as quickly as possible, supporting continuous power generation and minimal disruption—ideal for O&M managers prioritising efficiency and system uptime.

Comprehensive Warranty with Flexible Extensions

Each repaired and refurbished product from European Network Services comes with a standard warranty. Not only providing peace of mind but also reliability after service. Additionally, we offer flexible extended warranty options tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. This adaptable approach allows O&M managers to choose the level of protection that best fits their operational requirements and budget, ensuring sustained support and enhanced security for their solar inverter investments.

cartoon, man, confused.

6 Signs Your Solar Inverter Is Crying for Help. How Identify Solar Inverter Failure Problems Early | European Network Services

Signs you may require our solar inverter repair service:

Zero Energy Production

If your FIT meter shows no energy generation, it might be a sign of inverter failure.

Reduced Energy Output

Noticeably lower energy production than usual could indicate an issue with your inverter.

Error Messages

Pay attention to any error messages displayed on your inverter’s screen.

Warning Lights

An illuminated warning light often signals a malfunction that needs immediate attention.

Frequent Shutdowns

If the inverter frequently shuts down without tripping the circuit breaker, it may be malfunctioning.

Unusual Noises

Any strange noises coming from the inverter can be a sign of internal issues.

Ensure your solar inverters achieve their maximum lifespan of up to 20 years with our expert maintenance services, designed to prevent performance issues and extend durability through meticulous care.

How Our Solar Inverter Repair Service Work

Step-by-Step Guide

As a leading specialist in component-level solar inverter repair of string inverters, we ensure your solar inverter is handled with the utmost expertise and care from the moment it arrives at one of our Advanced Solar Inverter Solutions UK laboratories (or France/ Germany – depending on your location), to the moment it’s returned to you or your solar farm.

list, rules, guide-2935366.jpg

Step 1: Initial Contact

Notice a problem with your solar inverter? Simply reach out to us via our website or customer service hotline. Our friendly support team is ready to assist you with a preliminary diagnosis and discuss the next steps.

Step 2: Shipping Inverter

To ensure your inverter reaches us safely and swiftly, we organize a hassle-free logistics service. You can either send in your inverter directly or utilize our convenient pick-up service available in the UK, France, and Germany. For detailed instructions on how to package and ship your inverter, please check our Shipping Guide.

Step 3: Expert Assessment

Upon receiving your inverter at one of our specialised laboratories, our team of certified technicians conducts a thorough evaluation to identify all issues. We use cutting-edge diagnostic tools to assess both common and complex faults at the component level, which sets us apart from other service providers.

Step 4: Transparent Quotation

Based on the assessment, we provide you with a detailed quote outlining the necessary repairs, costs, and timeframes. We ensure full transparency, so you know exactly what to expect in terms of service and pricing.

Step 5: Meticulous Solar Inverter Repair

Once you approve the quote, following on, our skilled engineers begin the solar inverter repair process. Specialising in component-level repairs means we can address specific issues without replacing entire units, saving you time and money. We use only high-quality parts and proven repair methods to guarantee the longevity and reliability of your inverter.

Step 6: Quality Assurance

After repairs, your inverter undergoes a series of rigorous testing under various operating conditions to ensure it meets all industry standards and our own high benchmarks for quality. This step is crucial for guaranteeing the performance and safety of your inverter.

Step 7: Return Logistics

After a successful solar inverter repair and quality check, we prepare your inverter for a safe return. You can opt to have it delivered directly to your doorstep or installed back into your solar farm by our professional team. Our return process is designed for convenience and efficiency, ensuring minimal downtime for your solar operations.

Step 8: Follow-Up Support

Our service doesn’t end once you receive your inverter. Additionally, we provide comprehensive follow-up support to answer any questions you might have and ensure your satisfaction with our services. Additionally, our repairs come with a warranty for added peace of mind.

Above all, at European Network Services, we understand the importance of maintaining a reliable and efficient solar system. Our streamlined process ensures your inverter is back to optimal performance quickly and affordably. Trust us to extend the life of your solar investments with precision repairs that stand the test of time.


Stay on this page to learn more about our commitment to sustainability and how we can help maximise the efficiency of your solar inverter system. By choosing us, you’re not just repairing an inverter; you’re ensuring the sustainability and efficiency of your solar energy system.


Solar Inverter Repair. Brands Covered:

Abound Solar
Advanced Energy
AEG Power Solutions
Aleo Solar
Algatec Solar AG
Aros Solar
Axsun Solar
Bosch Power Tec
Bosch Solar
BP Solar
Canadian Solar
Carlo Gavazzi

Centro Solar
Chaori Solar
Chilicon Power
CNPV Power
Day 4 Europe
Diehl Ako Platinum
Eging PV
EMMVEE Photovoltaik
Enphase Energy
EPV Solar

Frankfurt Solar
Gehrlicher Solar
Ginlong Technologies (Solis)
Gloria Solar
GS Solar
Heckert Solar
IBC Solar
inventux Technologies
Jetion Solar
JingRi Solar
Jinko Solar

LDK Solar
Linuo Power
Mage Solar
Magnum Energy
MHH Solartechnik
München Solar
OutBack Power
Perfect Solar
Phoenix Solar

Power Electronics
Q3 Energy
Rich Solar
Risen Solar
S.A.G. Solarstrom
Scheuten Solar
Schott Solar
scn-energy AG
Sharp Solar
Shell Solar
Shenglong PV-Tech

SMA Solar Technology
Solar Edge
Solar Innova
Solar Log
Sun Earth

systaic AG
Trina Solar
Würth Solar
Würz Energy
Yingli Solar
ZNShine Solar

Top 10 Features of Our Solar Inverter Repair Services

Top-Rated Solar Inverter Repair Success Stories

"In the competitive field of solar energy, having reliable support is crucial. European Network Services went above and beyond by offering flexible warranty options tailored to our needs after repairing our Huawei SUN2000 inverters. Their extended warranty options gave us the peace of mind we needed to focus on maximising our output rather than worrying about potential failures."
Jan K
O&M Manager, Munich
"After dealing with frequent downtimes of our SMA Sunny Tripower inverters was a significant challenge. ENS provided a component-level repair that not only extended the lifespan of our inverters but also improved our solar farm's performance"
Lucie D
O&M Coordinator, Lyon
"I'm from rural Yorkshire and was concerned about sending my inverter for repair. European Network Services simplified everything—they arranged pickup, communicated clearly during the repair, and returned my SolarEdge inverter working like new. Their service saved me money and hassle. Highly recommended for any homeowner looking to repair their solar equipment."
Samantha G
Homeowner, Yorkshire

Solar Inverter Repair FAQs

Our mission is to keep your solar energy systems running efficiently. Below are answers to common questions about our solar inverter repair services:

Component-level repair involves fixing individual parts of a solar inverter rather than replacing the entire unit. Our specialists diagnose and repair faulty components, ensuring cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits.



When your inverter arrives at our laboratories either in the UK, France, or Germany (dependent on your location), we assess it thoroughly. Our experts identify the issue, perform component-level repairs, and rigorously test the repaired inverter (to manufacturer specifications) before returning it to you.

If repair isn’t feasible, we offer replacement solutions. Choose from new or refurbished inverters. Plus, our extensive stock of obsolete inverters ensures compatibility with older models.

Absolutely! Whether you send the inverter to us directly or we organise logistics, we ensure a seamless process. Our goal is to minimise downtime and get your solar system back up and running quickly.

Once repaired, your inverter can be sent directly to your solar farm or to your home. We prioritise efficiency and quality to keep your solar energy production optimal.

With over three decades of industry experience, our commitment to ISO-certified environmental management and precision component-level repair distinguishes us. Trust us to prolong the lifespan of your inverters, minimise costs, and champion sustainability.

The cost varies depending on the specific inverter model and the extent of repair needed. Typically, costs are broken down into two components:


    • Investigation: This covers the assessment and diagnosis of the inverter issue.
    • Repair: If the inverter is repairable, this cost includes the component-level repair work.

If the unit is not repairable, you’ll only be charged for the investigation.

Additionally, we offer free recycling services for unusable units.

Commercial customers can contact us for tailored solutions that meet their unique needs.

Unlock Solar Excellence. Power Up with European Network Services

Our proven expertise, sustainable practices, and tailored solutions set us apart. Join the solar revolution today!

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